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A unique cloud platform will help you create and manage e-menus, get feedback and increase sales!

  • Sales in the restaurant will increase by 15%
  • Visitors recommend you to their friends - it is a Wow effect!!
  • You get customer feedback
  • And 35+ more reasons why you should implement OMENU right now!

More than 650 restaurants and cafes have already implemented Omenu

Their visitors have used the contactless menu 14280 times today!
How to implement a menu for free?

Benefits for owners

Collaboration tool

Rapid increase of customer orders

Colorful photographs of dishes in your online menu awaken the appetite and help the visitor to make a choice, and according to statistics recommendations additional dishes and drinks increase the average check.

  • In the native language of the visitor;
  • Savory decorated menu with colorful photographs;
  • Built-in algorithms for recommendations for additional sales;
  • And more than 20 marketing strategies that will work for you;

Raising restarurant status

Analyze the performance of your competitors. Do they know how to:

  • Provide customers with a clear and appetizing menu in electronic form?
  • Show visitors the best deals personalised in the categories they prefer?
  • Receive complaints and advice from customers in a convenient form, and not on a Tripadvisor?
  • And that is not all, find out more, call us ⭐⭐⭐

From now on your business also has address delivery

With the implementation of our digital menu, you now have the opportunity to receive orders for deliveries! The great news is that you won't need to use external companies, but you can do the entire process from ordering to delivery to the customer completely independently and with quality.

Simple and easy, the client does not have to call and wait for someone to answer. He goes through the offer by opening the QR code and orders everything he likes in a few clicks. You receive a notification with the selection and address of the client and prepare everything for delivery. Nothing simpler, and the quality, efficiency, and professionalism of your business grow.

Benefits for your customers

Interesting, juicy and exciting menu

According to the statistics of our customers, restaurant visitors are delighted with the opportunity to see several photos of dishes and videos about them. They even more likely share that on Instagram, because they will soon try it out!

Safety and manufacturability

By using the QR menu, you can reduce the risk of infection and protect the health of your customers - in accordance with the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO) to prevent the spread of COVID-19 through the facilities. In addition, according to a survey conducted by Dataessential, 65% of restaurant visitors are willing to give up physical menus as a measure of protection.

Opportunity to be heard

The ability to leave feedback directly to the owner, reduces the distance between you and the visitor. Subconsciously, even before ordering, the customer realizes that in such a restaurant there is a host who controls the work of the facility and the quality of food that will be soon served to him.

"“Being heard is the most valuable thing in the 21st century. Remember that the opportunity to leave an opinion is the main, if not the only visitors tool to apply for quality service.""

Marko Špendić, director of the Sunce restaurant in Poreč

Possibility to call a waiter

A long expectation of an order acceptance from a waiter is one of the main reasons for dissatisfaction among restaurant and cafe visitors. With the "Call a Waiter" function, the visitor no longer needs to attract the attention of your staff or wait for somebody to pay attention to the table. A notification that the visitor would like to be approached will come to the waiter's mobile phone, indicating what exactly the client would like to order and for what amount. The visitor can also request an invoice and receive it promptly. Many guests will appreciate such attention and will remember exactly your establishment in order to come back again.

How does the Omenu service work?

Task management

The guest points the phone to the QR code

The visitor points the camera of his phone to the QR code or touches it by phone.


The menu is displayed

The menu of your facility is displayed on the visitors phone


The guest chooses dishes

The visitor gets acquainted with your offer and chooses the one he likes from the menu


The waiter recieves the order

The waiter reviews the choice of the visitor and gives the order to the kitchen

Read user reviews

Real reviews from the restaurant and cafes customers connected to the Omenu service and to the facility owners and published with their consent

This is a really special and functional service that I have seen in the restaurant business over the past 20 years



Tourists come from big cities, we must meet their expectations, and sometimes delight. Therefore, we were one of the first to introduce video clips into our menu.



我们不懂克罗地亚语的字眼。 我们来自中国。 感谢您使用我们所用语言的电子菜单。 很好吃,我们会再来的!😊😊🇨🇳🇨🇳. We did not understand a word in Croatian 😳. We are from China. Thank you for the digital menu in our language. It was very tasty, we will come again! 😊😊🇨🇳🇨🇳

Mr. Gōng Хiǎomíng,

tourist from China

QR menu is free!

In order to support restaurateurs in challenging pandemic times, the Omenu cloud platform will help you create and manage e-menus for free!

  • No hidden fees or commission % on orders
  • Fixed cost of additional services and opportunities
  • You can find out the cost of making QR products for HoReCa here

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