Advantages of implementing a contactless menu powered by Omenu for cafes

Save money on the printed menu

No one likes to find themselves in an awkward situation when they have to explain to the guest that the dish that was chosen is no longer part of your offer. With the digital menu, you will no longer have to invest in printing new menus if you decide to make any changes or put an additional translation for your foreign visitors. Simply distance yourself from such negative emotions and thus from potential dissatisfaction and bad reviews.

On the other hand, the less often people use the regular menu, the longer it will serve you.

Put a stand with a QR code for the menu from the restaurant in each hotel room, you will be surprised how the interest will increase due to the beautiful and modern menu.

Compliance with trends in hygiene and cleanliness and antivirus measures

Quality cleaning and disinfection of your menus after each guest is generally possible, but it certainly does not give the visitor 100% confidence that you have followed all prescribed measures and recommendations, and does not shy away from potential human error. and negligence.

Simple implementation of contactless menus with QR codes is the best solution for the reason that the guest does not need to directly touch the price lists and automatically feels safer looking at your offer in an interactive way.

Increase in sales due to the unobtrusive offer of related food combinations

It is known that gourmets like to order some dessert with their cappuccino or that the main course without salad is not complete. It is these recommendations that are the basis of revenue growth that you can easily display on your digital menu. The most effective way is to make a direct proposal to the guest when choosing your offer, because the probability that he will choose a combination that is not immediately visible to him is relatively small. That way you can unobtrusively suggest something you want to sell more or maybe show off a novelty of food and drink.

International menu with pictures and descriptions

Host your foreign visitors with the highest level of service. Let them know that they are important to you and that you care about them by creating your offer in their spoken language. Guests then have no stressful choice thinking about how to say a particular word or phrase in a language unknown to them, and the waiter is convinced that everything ordered is correct.

Opportunity for feedback on the work of your staff and food quality

Unfortunately, owners find out too late about their problems on various websites, make no mistake - it is better to receive negative review in person than in public.

Getting analytics of the most interesting dishes and drinks selected by the guest

Review of your best-selling items on a monthly basis is always possible by adding bills and similar ways, but important insight into the items viewed by the guest before the final selection is not possible. With the help of a digital menu, you now have full access to this additional information that will improve your business. Namely, what if the guest wanted to order a lobster, but the price was unacceptable? Such information may not be too relevant individually, but what if you notice that it happens very often? Or if you know that certain items are not sold at all? You can use all this information to your advantage with the help of statistics provided by the Omenu digital menu.

The possibility of viewing the menu from the comfort of home

QR code or short link is created so that everyone who wants to view the offer of your facility has the opportunity to view it anywhere with an Internet connection. That is why this principle is available to everyone.

Possibility to choose the delivery of your orders

From now on, it is possible to accept delivery orders via your digital menu. There is no need to pay extra and create a special website, and you do not have to use external companies. Everything you need for the complete and quality operation of the restaurant is implemented in the digital menu.

Opportunity to tell the story of your restaurant and introduce guests to its atmosphere

Be different from others and tell your story! With the help of the digital menu and its marketing tools, it is possible to single out the essential features of your facility. Don’t hesitate and tell the history of your business, or what makes you special. Clients like to receive additional information and will be glad to be in a facility that has something to tell.

Possibility to call a waiter or ask for a bill when a visitor needs it

According to statistics, more than 65% of restaurant visitors feel angry when a waiter does not approach them when they need it. Also a large percentage of people are reluctant to call the waiter louder to notice them. It is best to distance yourself from such things and immediately inform the guest that with the help of a digital menu he can send a notification to the waiter in one click for what he needs at that moment.

Allergens and a healthy diet

With today's pace of life and pollution of the earth and the air, a lot of people have different allergies, must avoid certain foods or have simply chosen a certain diet style such as vegetarianism. Be modern - show your care for guests and mark dishes that potentially contain allergens or that are free of meat and other ingredients that can disturb the guest in any way.

Improve the efficiency of your employees

With the help of the QR menu, you give more freedom to your employees, because guests will be able to see everything they are interested in, choose certain items and order themselves. Instead of a marathon between tables, fatigue due to frequent walking and poor work at the end of working hours, the waiter is able to rest and have time to perform other tasks.

Regardless of the size of your cafe or whether it is more oriented towards the sale of coffee or cocktails, the digital menu will in any case improve the overall operation of the facility. By switching to the same, you will no longer have to rush to disinfect price lists, think about whether you took the right order or issued the right invoice for the guest who requested it. The digital menu allows easy display of all important information for each guest in one place.