Get started for free with a FREE plan and try OMENU for an unlimited period or choose one of the plans for professionals.

Free 0€ /month

All basic functions are free forever .

  • Digital menu
  • Generate QR codes
  • There are no hidden costs

Medium 9€/month

Extended opportunities for your business.

  • Digital menu
  • Generate QR codes
  • There are no hidden costs
  • Remove the omenu banner
  • Connect your domain
  • Personal manager

Premium 29€/month

Maximum functionality that works for you.

  • Digital menu
  • Generate QR codes
  • There are no hidden costs
  • Remove the omenu banner
  • Connect your domain
  • Personal manager
  • Customer reviews
  • Sales increase
  • Branding
  • Food labels
  • Dish page
  • Call a waiter
  • Add more photos and videos of meals
  • A link to a menu on your domain
  • Label allergens

Our special benefits for your business

Group chat

How does the digital menu increase sales by more than 20%?

Offer each visitor more expensive products, a larger assortment you want expand through appetizing photos or offer related products. Awaken the desire according to their products and the number of orders will increase.


Label design and menu structure are essential!

The menu is more than a list of dishes. It is the main seller in your restaurant. Immerse the client in the gastronomic world of your catering facility by providing it with a modern menu that sells. Awaken emotions and desires through your unique style and atmosphere, which does not exist anyhere else.

Answers to frequently asked questions

  • Which plan is best to choose?

    The free plan will meet your basic needs for the digital menu! The Medium plan allows to use digital menu on any of your domains and without the presence of foreign advertising. The Premium plan turns your menu into a super seller and another way of communication with the consumer. We recommend it to all our customers, since sales are the basis of every business!

  • For how long is the contract concluded?

    The minimum contract period is 1 year. Even if you chose free plan, we still guarantee the performance of the digital menu service in your facility. For confirmation we provide you with a certificate with a unique number.

  • Can I change the plan or terminate the contract?

    You can access additional capabilities of the platform at any time, you must send a request for it or contact the manager. Early termination of the contract as well is possible, and the terms and conditions are written in the contract itself.

  • Can you adjust everything for me, send ready-made stickers, racks and other products of my choice that I can use immediately in the facility?

    Of course, contact our manager and he/she will be happy to help.

  • Why would I rather choose OMena than other ways to get QR code and digital menu?

    Omenu is a professional platform focused on creating a digital menu that sells in line with the world trends, most client requirements, recommendations and requirements of government institutions. Using OMenu is simple and easy. Technical support team will be always happy to help in case of any questions!