Omenu undertakes not to misuse the User's personal data. Personal data are all data that establish the identity of the User (for example, name and surname, e-mail address, residential address, etc.).

Omenu undertakes to provide protection of the User's personal data in a way that collects only basic data about the User, which are necessary for the fulfillment of obligations. The notice will not deliver or disclose the personal data of the User to a third party, except in cases where so expressly prescribed by law and in cases where it is necessary to fulfill obligations. In the event of a change in any of the personal data (eg place of residence, delivery address) that is recorded during registration, the User is obliged to record the changed personal data on the Omenu website. In the event that the User has not recorded the changed personal data on the Omenu website, Omenu is not responsible for any defects in terms of ordering, or delivery or publication of data.

Data that is automatically recorded by accessing the Omenu website, but not personal data (types of search engines, number of visits, time spent on the site, etc.) Omenu has the right to use only to assess traffic to the Omenu website and to improve their content and functionality.

Cookies are information stored on the User's computer that serve the better functionality of the Omenu Website. In the default setting, the User's computer accepts cookies, and if the User wants to turn them off, he will no longer have access to options such as one-click speed dialing or a personalized homepage. Omenu does not use cookies to store personal data, therefore the privacy of the User is guaranteed.

Omenu will use the User's e-mail address only for the process of ordering and paying for Omenu service.

The above provisions on the protection of personal data apply exclusively to the Omenu Website.

All complaints and grievances can be sent in writing by e-mail to: